Team finds peace of mind, better accountability and communication for their organizational chores with the help of TeamChores.

Teams are more distracted than ever...

How do you ensure critical stuff gets done?

We’ll help you stay on top of your team’s critical tasks - boosting accountability and keeping critical knowledge inside your organization.
  • Calm the Chaos

    Everyone has their personal todo list. What about those 'other' tasks and processes that keep the lights on?

  • Collaborate Easily

    Assign chores to team members or easily cover a task for someone that's out. Make it a team sport.

  • Retain Knowledge

    Keep key learnings and output in one place -- no more hunting through emails or hard drive folders.

  • Stay Informed

    Go ahead and delegate it. We'll keep you informed if it doesn't get done. Easy to configure alerting on any task..

Useful Features You Need
  • Mark chores complete directly from Slack

    • One-click completion of any checklist item or task directly in Slack
    • TeamChore handles security and history of your chores
  • Stay on top of your tasks right from Slack

    • Easily query chores for you and your teams
    • Check on progress or status of any chore
    • Complete chores from directly inside of Slack
  • Schedule and Assign Chores

    • Easily shift a team member's chores when on leave/holiday, with key instructions and learnings passed along
    • Create private chore for sensitive tasks - visble by only the creator and the assignee
    • Add instructions, SOP's, checklists and reference attachments for each recurring task
  • Build Chore History and Learnings

    Keep knowledge and learnings from walking out the door
    • Capture key notes, attachments (pictures, spreadsheets, etc) "in the moment" while completing a chore
    • Pin key notes and attachments for future assignees, allowing easy knowledge sharing
  • Customized Alerts and Notifications

    Keep stakeholders in the loop to ensure critical things don't get missed.
    • Easy and deep integration with Slack
    • Assignees and managers get custom alerts as chore become due or overdue - via Slack, SMS or Email
    • Map slack channels to teams for chore and assignment notifications
Simple Pricing

A plan for all teams

Our plans are billed monthly and include a 14 day free trial - No credit card required. Cancel in-app at any time.
Up to 10 Users
Up to 25 Users
Up to 50 Users
Extra Large
Up to 100 Users

More than 100 users? Contact us at ping(at) for pricing.

** 50% discount for 501(c)(3) organizations. Contact us at ping(at) for approval.

Slack Integration Requirements
Easily integrate Slack and TeamChores via Slack OAuth. The following OAuth scopes are requested by TeamChores:
Scope Reason
team:read Provides basic information about your Slack workspace.
users:read Provides TeamChores a list of your teams users so that you can invite them the app. Allows TeamChores users to opt into email alerting.
channels:read Provides list of channels for configuring team notifications and alerts.
channels:write Allow TeamChores account owners to add the TeamChores bot to public channels from inside TeamChores UI
identify Faciliates login and account verification.
bot Allows TeamChores app bot to interact with your Slack account.
commands Adds /chores command to your Slack account.

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